General Site Information

The town of Binga is located in Matabeleland North and lies on the south eastern shore of Lake Kariba. The district is inhabited by the Tonga people.

The Binga District hospital serves a population of approximately 139,092 (census figures from 2012).

On our visit in March 2022, we discovered the following:

  • 180 bed hospital
  • 1 Operating room, but anaesthesia machine needs repair
  • 3 doctors
  • Amongst the nurses working in the hospital, there is only one nurse trained in Anaesthetics
  • 128 pregnant in their last month of pregnancy women staying in accommodation near the hospital
  • Only 1 automatic BP machine on site

Opportunities for support

  • Providing food for the women in waiting
  • Sourcing equipment for the hospital
  • Community Health worker support and training