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While education is considered a basic human right in Zimbabwe and the country prides itself on the high literacy rates of its citizens, access to education, like many countries, is not equally distributed across the country. Children and families living in rural areas or communities experiencing high levels of poverty do not have the supports needed to ensure equitable education for all.

Through our networks of building relationships and community, we support education

Education is the foundation for which all citizens gain access to knowledge and provides opportunity for development of an individual as well as a community.

Our support for education starts in the early years with support to early childhood educators to partner and maximize the resources they have available. We have provided in community workshops and training.

We work in partnership with community educators and teachers to determine what their need is in terms of access to resources, materials, or support. We work collaboratively and share in teaching the curriculum that is developed in Zimbabwe. We learn with each other and share pedagogical practices from both a Zimbawean and Canadian perspective.

We provide hands on learning with sewing projects or community health knowledge translation.