How You Can Help


We desire to provide our volunteers with an experience they will not forget.

We customise each trip according to the skillsets and interests of the volunteers and the needs in Zimbabwe.

We provide affordable accommodation which is safe and private, quality meals and drivers who are reliable and knowledgeable.

Our hope is that you make the most of the opportunities given to create friendships, share your knowledge and take advantage of the learnings given to you by the Zimbabweans you work with.

You will find the Zimbabwean people to be a lovely nation. Friendly, kind and full of fun.

We have discovered that travel within Zimbabwe is safe, however like many countries, common sense is the best travel companion. Driving at night is not recommended (Street lights often do not work) and so is walking on your own in strange dark corners of the city (that applies to travel EVERYWHERE).

We highly recommend taking in a Zimbabwean experience during your trip, whether it is going to Victoria Falls, visiting a safari lodge or walking with lions. Zimbabweans are very proud of their home and like to show it off.

If you are volunteering for a month, we will have a 4 day weekend in the middle of the trip for this reason. If you come for 2 weeks, we encourage you to tag on the experience at the end if you can.

You can fundraise, or donate, to support a trip. This includes accommodation, food, transport, carbon offset and funding for a project. See below for details…


Our Expectations

Understanding that you will be visiting a developing country is very important. You need to be adaptable and willing to accept that not everything works as you want it or are used to. Therein lies some of the fun and opportunities for personal growth. Sometimes it’s a cold shower, sometimes its dinner by candlelight (those are the best by the way) and the roads are usually very rough and full of potholes. But on the flip side, there is gorgeous scenery, incredible wildlife and the most wonderful, resilient and friendly locals. Plus the team you get to travel with is pretty nice too!

Elective Placement

Application Guidelines

When are the placements? Current elective placements are available in March/April of every year. There are also placements in the fall and the potential for summer placements if there is enough interest. The program is somewhat flexible so please email Dr Ray Markham if you have any questions:

Trips from Canada to Zimbabwe

Financial options to support trips from Canada to Zimbabwe

Individual Expenses

2 weeks: raise or donate min of$1,700
Living expenses $770
General project work $230
Project work of their choice $500
Carbon offset (tree planting projects in Zim or Canada) $200
Return flight from Canada to Zimbabwe$2,500


4 Weeks raise or donate min of$2,700
Living expenses $1,650
General project work $350
Special Project work $500
Carbon offset (tree planting projects in Zim or Canada) $200
Return flight from Canada to Zimbabwe$2,500


4 week trip group expenses
Housing – (including Laundry/cleaning)$2,500
Propane $500
Food ($10/ day)$300
Driver $600
Fuel- $1.30/litre 6600~100×12 = 792litresx 1.3=$1000 approx
• Karanda 600km return x 4 (2400)
• Harare 100 return x12 (1200)
• Byo 1000 km x 1 (1000)
• Rasper 100km x20 (2000)

Estimated (depends on group size aiming at 10 people)

Per Person Per Day – CAD $55 / USD $44

  • 2 weeks / $770 CAD
  • Month – $1540 CAD

Separate costs:

  • Licensing cost (doctors)
  • Student registration fee for elective
  • Travel insurance
  • Medication etc
  • Alcohol / snacks/ treats
  • Tourist activities
  • Cell phone data