How You Can Help

Project Support

There is a saying in Shona: “Ndima yabatwa yasundika” which can be translated as “a piece of work once started has progressed”. Sometimes the first step to take is the hardest, but once our projects start, they often take on a life of their own. The communities we have the joy to work with, take ownership of the opportunities provided to them and work hard to make the projects sustainable.

We appreciate any help… Seriously.

“A helping hand can be a ray of sunshine in a cloudy world”

These are approximate costs that are associated with the projects relating to the social determinants of health.

Prices are in USD

Animal Husbandry

Pregnant Sow$300
Feed for a year$900
Building cost of 3 pens$1,000
Transport to slaughter house$250
Building cost to house 100 chickens$300
100 day old chicks$100
Feed for first 3 months$90 / month
Feed after first 3 months$50 / month


Foundations for farming course: Instructor bus fare$30
Instruction costs to teach a course for 20 people (5 days) – Includes supplies and paperwork$60 / day
Meals for those staying onsite for the entire course and lunch for those attending daily $600 (Approx.)
Seed$50 / acre
Pumps and hoses for water$400
Drilling a well (this is the minimum cost as it depends on depth)$1,600
Hand Pump (basic setup)$1,500
Solar Pump$450
Solar Panels$450
Security Bars$200
Water Tank and Stand$950
Cables and Pipes$250
Cement and Labour$100


Sponsor a school – any amount helps!
Monthly average shortage for a school (for a school with 600 pupils + 12 staff)$500