March 17, 2023

This was the week of driving, but excellent use of the driving time was made. We ended up with 2 groups converging on Binga. Brian and Ray drove to Bulawayo on Monday, and picked up Dr. Kuretu and drove to Binga together on Tuesday (all together 12.5 hrs of driving from our base in Zvimba district). We did stop at Lupane where they are building the new Matabeleland North Provincial Hospital.

Tafadzwa picked up three of the ZimCan PVO partners in Harare and drove the “shortcut” on Tuesday. 10.5 hrs of driving and 2 punctures later they arrived. This meant all the partners were together for 2 nights and a full day. Dr. Kuretu organized a meeting with the Binga hospital executive and a tour of the hospital, a number of potential areas of collaboration were worked. 

The hospital has partnered with a group who has started in the mothers-in- waiting area, that is located outside of the hospital compound. They will be renovating 5 of the 6 buildings and have asked us to help finish them off (tiling the floors) as well as raking in the 6th and helping with fencing the area (?Electric ? Solar).  We discussed non wood cooking options and noted that the plugged sewers will need fixing.

In addition, the water system goes down when they have no power which is most of the time. They do have water tanks that could be repaired. The staff housing has been identified as a massive issue. The staff are having to share accommodation, some of which was built in 1910. No electricity or water and backed up sewers. We thought to try these bio bacterial/enzyme sewer decloggers to start. Physician housing likewise needs work. Dr. Kuretu is working with public works to partner where we provide supplies and they do the labour etc

The garden has been fenced the keep the baboons out.

 We discussed this with the ZimCan Zim Board. They are going to list out potential projects and will work with the Administrator there to get things costed out and then decide on priorities. Their Maternity unit is currently closed as the roof leaked and destroyed the interior. It needs a full Reno, the military have offered labour.

We all returned by the long way. 🙂 En route, I met with the orthopaedic surgeon operating pro bono on pensioners (mainly hip and knee replacements). If we could get prostheses donated as well as suture material it would help defray the costs to the pensioners significantly. 

Potential projects:

  • Bulawayo Helps: orthopaedic equipment
  • Binga mothers-in-waiting shelters, 
  • Fencing
  • Solar
  • Sewers
  • Binga hospital 
  • Water
  • Housing for staff
  • Sewers 
  • Maternity unit

Lots of need and opportunity