March 18, 2022

On the way to Hwange we stopped at the Lupane Women’s Development Trust. We met this amazing woman, Hildegard, who is working there. The Trust supports and empowers women through self-employment with a focus on weaving, agriculture and animal husbandry. We gave them $150 for tires for the trailer. They have a truck that goes around to pick up baskets from the rural areas but trailer tires were gone. Now they can pick up more baskets with less trips and less fuel. They will sent us a photo of the trailer in action.

The Lupane ladies have set up a guest house which would work for teams if we worked there 2 x ensuite and 2 x shared bathroom. 

Then on to Binga! We met with the Matron there (Sampson) at the hospital, after getting permission from the PMD of Mat North. Dropped off some supplies. There is lots of opportunity when we work there. In accommodation outside the hospital there were over 120 women, in their last few weeks of pregnancy, waiting to have their babies. Hospital had 1 nurse anaesthetist and 3 docs. Only 1 automatic BP machine for the whole 180 bed hospital.

Ray and I have not been to Binga before. Such beautiful sunsets on the shores of Kariba. We stayed in wonderful accommodation and had an opportunity to visit the Zubo Trust. We met some wonderful women there making soap from the nuts of Jatropha trees. Of course I had to buy some, as well as some baskets.