2016 Trip

Over the course of my global health elective in Zimbabwe, I was exposed to many medical educational opportunities that are much less prevalent in Canada, particularly with respect to diagnosis and treatment of infectious diseases and learning about the natural history of various diseases when patients presented with advanced illness.  The importance of addressing the social determinants of health was also clearly demonstrated and I am grateful for all of the resources and governmental support we have available for health care in Canada.  I also feel lucky to have had the opportunity to experience such a beautiful country and interact with and learn from the locals and the entire Zim-Can-Health team” 

– 2016 Medical Student

“It is hard to imagine a better opportunity for medical students and residents to learn first had the importance of the social determinants influence health and the impact that global climate change has on health. We saw patients with cholera because dirty water was the only option to no water, children starving because of drought and famine related to climate change, and women dying from AIDS because, with no other economic opportunities, selling their bodies was the only way for them to eat. These lessons are not only relevant for low-income countries. They are transferable underserved communities in Canada such as inner city, rural/remote, and aboriginal health. Furthermore, our strengthened understanding of these important issues will help us be better advocates for our patients and communities at large” 

– 2016 Resident